1. (1989) Group exhibition in Khaneh Aftab gallery

2. (1990) Group exhibition in visual art high school

  3. (1993) Group exhibition 16 Azar Art University gallery
4. (1993) (The first rank of the country) Exhibition of artistic works of Iran's university students.
  5. (2001) Private gallery group exhibitions with students.
6. (2002) Group exhibition with students in Haftpeykar gallery.
7. (2003) Group exhibition with students in Ebne Sina Art gallery.
8. (2005) Group exhibition of persian contemprary realist & hyper realist in Niavaran cultural center.
  9. (2006) Capillano Mall group exhibition of  North Vancouver painters.
10.(2008) Group exhibition with students in Nahavand art gallery.
A 11.One of the top 100 finalist Art renewal center competition 2008/2009 in USA.